Apache Jena 3.7.0

Apache Jena 3.7.0

Jena, The, Org, Models, Release, Now, Transactions, From, Source, Storage, Write

Apache Jena is a framework for developing Semantic Web and Linked Dataapplications in Java. It provides implementation o

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4 Ways to Improve Transactional Messages During the Holiday Shopping Season

4 Ways to Improve Transactional Messages During the Holiday Shopping Season

Lifelong, Customerszdroj, Magento, Second, That, Transactional, Emails, Secure, Use

Use Transactional emails to secure that second purchase and lifelong customersZdroj: Magento

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TomcatCon London - registration open

TomcatCon London - registration open

Liferay, Apache, London, Tomcat, Conference, Open, Web, Used, Https, Eventbrite, Build

All,The Apache Tomcat PMC is delighted to announce that registration forTomcatCon London is now open.This one day confer

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Ubuntu - Distributing a ROS system among multiple snaps

Ubuntu - Distributing a ROS system among multiple snaps

The, Ubuntu, That, Canonical, They, Post, Guest, Dependencies, Self, Helps, Fact

This is a guest post by Kyle Fazzari, Engineer at Canonical. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contac

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Ubuntu Core in LXD containers

Ubuntu Core in LXD containers

Snap, Packages, All, Core, Are, Updates, Applications, Come, From, Done, Continue

Whats Ubuntu Core? Ubuntu Core is a version of Ubuntu thats fully transactional and entirely based on snap packages. Mos

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Ubuntu SDK meets snapcraft

Ubuntu SDK meets snapcraft

Ubuntu, The, Technology, Updates, That, Transactional, Well, Also, Sandboxing, Apps, Can

Everyone who has followed Ubuntu lately for sure stumbled across the snappy technology, which does not only bring the ne

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