Apache Jena 3.7.0

Apache Jena 3.7.0

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Apache Jena is a framework for developing Semantic Web and Linked Dataapplications in Java. It provides implementation o

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2018-04-14 18:17:53 102 24Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
Apache Rya 3.2.11-incubating released

Apache Rya 3.2.11-incubating released

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The Apache Rya (Incubating) team is happy to announce the release of ApacheRya 3.2.11-incubating:https://rya.incubator.a

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2017-10-16 21:09:26 1546 405Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
 Apache Jena 3.0.1 released

Apache Jena 3.0.1 released

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Apache Jena is an open source Java-based framework for building Semantic Web and Linked Data applications. It supports R

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2015-12-15 18:18:49 17675 4929Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
 Apache Marmotta 3.3.0 released

Apache Marmotta 3.3.0 released

The, Marmotta, Data, Linked, Release, Org, Http, Development, With, Sparql, Features

The Apache Marmotta team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Marmotta 3.3.0: http://marmotta.apache.org Apache Marmotta is an Open Platform for Linked

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2014-12-18 10:33:43 24156 6595Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
 Jena 2.12.0 released

Jena 2.12.0 released

Jena, The, Org, Http, Provides, Release, Sparql, Download, Html, Maven, Fuseki

The Apache Jena is pleased to announce the release of Apache Jena 2.12.0 together with Apache Jena Fuseki 1.1.0. Apache Jena provides a collection of tools and

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2014-08-07 17:37:30 24027 6565Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
 Apache Jena 2.11.2 released

Apache Jena 2.11.2 released

Jena, The, Release, Java, Http, Org, Are, Semantic, Issues, This, Will

We are pleased to announce the release of Apache Jena 2.11.2 which includes Apache Jena Fuseki 1.0.2. Apache Jena is a Java framework for building Semantic Web

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2014-06-13 15:22:33 24696 6744Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
 Apache Jena 2.11.0 Released

Apache Jena 2.11.0 Released

Jena, Http, Org, Query, Documentation, With, The, Html, Using, Jdbc, Data

We are pleased to announce the release of Apache Jena 2.11.0 together with Apache Jena Fuseki 1.0.0 Apache Jena is Java-based framework for building Semantic W

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2013-09-22 13:54:39 22527 6221Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn

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