SV Product Presentation - Lite (Joomla)

SV Product Presentation - Lite (Joomla)

With, Images, Joomla, First, Rotate, Effects, Transition, Image, Settings, Rozsirenia, More

Joomla extension SV Product Presentation - Lite (Joomla). This is an easy-to-use Joomla module for presentation your products - services with a rotator on images. Rotator on imag

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SV Rotator Images (Joomla)

SV Rotator Images (Joomla)

Rotate, Joomla, Caption, First, Links, Many, Options, Rozsirenia, Configuration, Available, Control

Joomla extension SV Rotator Images (Joomla). This is an easy-to-use Joomla module for rotate on images and banners. You can manage image height ,time control for fir

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Pyramid Of Giza (Joomla)

Pyramid Of Giza (Joomla)

With, Like, Many, Short, Images, Description, Rozsirenia, Joomla, Each, Select, Will

Joomla extension Pyramid Of Giza (Joomla). This is a simple gallery in the shape of a Pyramid which rotates around y-axis. You will be able to select as many as im

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Payment Icon Picker (Joomla)

Payment Icon Picker (Joomla)

Syntax, Easy, Your, Use, Can, Throughout, Including, Modules, The, Titles, Item

Joomla extension Payment Icon Picker (Joomla). The Payment Icon Picker plugin provides an Editor Button for easy to insert icons from the PaymentFont range. Built usin

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HASTWARE Gallery (Joomla)

HASTWARE Gallery (Joomla)

Images, Your, The, Exif, Resolution, Photos, Them, Fullscreen, Add, Php, Joomla

Joomla extension HASTWARE Gallery (Joomla). Simple photo gallery for your website.Add/remove images right from your frontend, organize them in albums, add captions.

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Triple Slider (Joomla)

Triple Slider (Joomla)

Panel, The, Slider, Image, With, Triple, Css, Jquery, Idea, Panels, Look

Je dostupné nové rozšírenie pre redakčný systém Joomla pod názvom Triple Slider (Joomla). jQuery triple panel image slider with a 3D look. The idea is to have a

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