PRISM Syntax Highlighter for Joomla (Joomla)

PRISM Syntax Highlighter for Joomla (Joomla)

Plugin, Css, Joomla, This, Use, Code, Line, Jscript, Numbers, Prism, Files

Joomla extension PRISM Syntax Highlighter for Joomla (Joomla). If you want to use TinyMCE in Joomla! and its builtin Insert/Edit code feature, you need this plugin to have syntax high

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2017-01-23 16:25:46 11289 3063Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
 Apache Solr 6.4.0 released

Apache Solr 6.4.0 released

Solr, New, Search, Now, This, Highlighter, Apache, Release, Use, Streaming, Query

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA25623 January 2016 - Apache Solr 6.4.0 AvailableThe Lucene PMC is pleased to

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2017-01-23 10:17:34 11335 3083Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
JJ UIkit HTML Editor (Joomla)

JJ UIkit HTML Editor (Joomla)

That, Html, Can, Rozsirenia, The, Provides, Syntax, Code, Write, Blockquotes, Lists

Joomla extension JJ UIkit HTML Editor (Joomla). This plugin utilises UIKits HTML editor component and Codemirror to bring you a rich and simple editing experience. In a

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2016-05-27 00:15:56 17266 4747Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
 Apache Allura 1.3.1 released

Apache Allura 1.3.1 released

The, New, Apache, Release, Org, Fixes, Installation, Forge, Source, Editing, Access

The Apache Allura community is placed to announce the 1.3.1 release of Allura.Allura is an open source implementation of

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2015-08-10 19:32:59 23739 6603Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
DCD-Google-Pretty-Print (Joomla)

DCD-Google-Pretty-Print (Joomla)

Print, Pretty, Google, Dcd, Site, Your, Highlighting, Simple, Syntax, Easy, Using

Je dostupné nové rozšírenie pre redakčný systém Joomla pod názvom DCD-Google-Pretty-Print (Joomla). DCD-Google-Pretty-Print Simple Syntax-Highlighting on your S

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2015-05-02 07:13:56 25219 7019Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
CedPrettify (Joomla)

CedPrettify (Joomla)

Code, Like, The, Prettify, Source, Snippets, Languages, Language, Specify, Google, Used

Je dostupné nové rozšírenie pre redakčný systém Joomla pod názvom CedPrettify (Joomla). Syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page! Used by cod

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2010-01-27 11:46:50 25277 7054Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
CedHighlightjs (Joomla)

CedHighlightjs (Joomla)

Code, Source, Snippets, Cedhighlightjs, The, Highlighting, Syntax, Highlight, With, Styles, Like

Je dostupné nové rozšírenie pre redakčný systém Joomla pod názvom CedHighlightjs (Joomla). Syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page! Used by

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2010-01-27 11:46:50 25336 7060Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn

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