Ticket system for EasyShop (Joomla)

Ticket system for EasyShop (Joomla)

The, System, Permissionsdepartment, Easyshop, Product, Can, Manage, Tickets, Your, Uploadcustomer, Order

Joomla extension Ticket system for EasyShop (Joomla). Provide support services on your site, help seller interacting with their customers. It fits with downloadable products

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Multi-vendor for Easy Shop (Joomla)

Multi-vendor for Easy Shop (Joomla)

Vendor, From, Products, System, Easyshop, Multi, Customer, Front, Back, With, All

Joomla extension Multi-vendor for Easy Shop (Joomla). EasyShop Multi-vendor is a multi-vendor system (E-commerce transaction platform). Each vendor has products and could edi

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GDPR for EasyShop (Joomla)

GDPR for EasyShop (Joomla)

Joomla, Her, Profile, His, Customer, Gdpr, Pagecustomer, Downloadable, Json, Datazdroj, Rozsirenia

Joomla extension GDPR for EasyShop (Joomla). EasyShop GDPR extension brings GDPR compliance to Joomla sites which have installed EasyShop component.FeaturesCompatibi

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PayPal for Easy Shop (Joomla)

PayPal for Easy Shop (Joomla)

Payment, Standard, Customer, Website, Will, Make, Rozsirenia, Joomla, Securelyzdroj, The, Redirected

Joomla extension PayPal for Easy Shop (Joomla). Paypal standard plugin for EasyShop allows you to accept payments via Paypal Payment Gateway. This uses the Paypals Webs

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Multilingual for Easy Shop (Joomla)

Multilingual for Easy Shop (Joomla)

Joomla, The, Multilingual, Products, Side, Custom, Translations, Categories, Manage, Groups, Fieldstranslations

Joomla extension Multilingual for Easy Shop (Joomla). By default, EasyShop uses multilingual feature of Joomla! core to manage products in difference languages and the multil

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Sms for EasyShop (Joomla)

Sms for EasyShop (Joomla)

Customer, Mobile, With, Send, Rozsirenia, Featuressend, Key, Number, Nexmosend, Clickatellsend, Numberszdroj

Joomla extension Sms for EasyShop (Joomla). The SMS for EasyShop addon allows you send SMS alerts to mobile when order is created by customer. You can configure to

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Shipping manual for Easy Shop (Joomla)

Shipping manual for Easy Shop (Joomla)

The, State, Country, Based, Which, Difference, Easyshop, Subzone, Will, Each, End

Joomla extension Shipping manual for Easy Shop (Joomla). EasyShop advanced manual shipping addon is a shipping plugin for EasyShop e-commerce extension for Joomla!. It gives you

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