Personal Data (Joomla)

Personal Data (Joomla)

Text, Plugin, All, Language, Form, Disables, With, Will, Enables, Languages, Forms

Joomla extension Personal Data (Joomla). The plugin allows you to add a checkbox of consent to arbitrary text in forms on your site.SettingsPluginRegistration -

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Rapi Copyproof (Joomla)

Rapi Copyproof (Joomla)

Disables, Copy, Command, Image, Will, Right, Button, Drop, Keyboard, Possible, The

Joomla extension Rapi Copyproof (Joomla). If you want to protect your websites content from theft, its the best for you- Text drag and drop will not be possible-

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Disable Mootools (Joomla)

Disable Mootools (Joomla)

Jquery, Jsmedia, Library, Disable, System, Site, Only, Page, Enable, Selected, Jui

Joomla extension Disable Mootools (Joomla). Sometimes you need to disable Mootools Library or jQuery Library to prevent your site / page(s) from multiple loading of

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DD Disable MailTo (Joomla)

DD Disable MailTo (Joomla)

Plugin, Disable, The, Component, Link, From, Joomla, Friend, Just, Enable, All

Joomla extension DD Disable MailTo (Joomla). Joomla! system plugin to disable mailto function.Disable MailTo disables also the recommend to a friend link and the rec

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2016-10-15 01:01:26 10128 2756Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
facebookfix (Joomla)

facebookfix (Joomla)

The, Gzip, Facebook, Plugin, Disables, This, Scrapper, That, Simple, Creates, Now

Je dostupné nové rozšírenie pre redakčný systém Joomla pod názvom facebookfix (Joomla). This a simple plugin that disables gzip for the Facebook scrapper. In Jo

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2014-05-30 01:21:46 21914 6123Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn

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