Footnotes (Joomla)

Footnotes (Joomla)

Footnote, Text, Article, Into, This, Place, Marker, Plugin, Joomla, Sequentially, Numbered

Joomla extension Footnotes (Joomla). This plugin implements basic footnote and endnote functionality for Joomla! articles. It takes footnotes marked within t

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3 Key Considerations for a Seamless Digital Onboarding Experience

3 Key Considerations for a Seamless Digital Onboarding Experience

The, Mission, Difficult, Nowadays, Industry, Prestashop, Glancezdroj, Space, Ecommerce, Who, Those

Online merchants, especially those who are new to the eCommerce space, are on a difficult mission nowadays.The industry

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Ogplus for Joomla (Joomla)

Ogplus for Joomla (Joomla)

The, Output, Translate, But, Languageenglish, Into, Difficult, Other, Fork, Rozsirenia, Extension

Joomla extension Ogplus for Joomla (Joomla). Ogplus for Joomla provides a convenient one-stop-shop way to add Open Graph, Twitter Card and Google+ metadata to your J

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Metadata Suite (Joomla)

Metadata Suite (Joomla)

Metadata, Tags, Joomla, Plugin, Your, Suite, Author, Generator, Site, Website, Administrators

Joomla extension Metadata Suite (Joomla). Web Design and Companys Metadata Suite Plugin does the job of several metadata oriented plugins including removing the G

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EV Easy Modal - PRO Version (Joomla)

EV Easy Modal - PRO Version (Joomla)

Easy, Modal, Responsive, Desktop, Mobile, Devices, Good, Equally, Simple, Effective, Demo

Joomla extension EV Easy Modal - PRO Version (Joomla). Create Responsive Popups for JoomlaCreating Responsive Popups are very easy now with EV Easy Modal - Pro Version. Quick

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Revealed: The Magento Mountaineer

Revealed: The Magento Mountaineer

Magento, Caspian, Seas, Occupied, Black, Between, Almost, Touching, Sky, Russia, Azerbaijan

Meet Andrii Vergeles, the engineer who waved the Magento flag at the top of the world.The epic, snow-topped Caucasus Mou

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XLSX Export tool for Virtuemart 2 (Joomla)

XLSX Export tool for Virtuemart 2 (Joomla)

The, Setting, Simple, Product, Xlsx, Price, Tool, Virtuemart, You, Slowest, Export

Je dostupné nové rozšírenie pre redakčný systém Joomla pod názvom XLSX Export tool for Virtuemart 2 (Joomla). As you know the maintenance of products is one of

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AccessByIP-Pro (Joomla)

AccessByIP-Pro (Joomla)

The, Users, Accessbyip, Your, Site, Web, Pro, Corporate, Extension, Subscription, Academic

Je dostupné nové rozšírenie pre redakčný systém Joomla pod názvom AccessByIP-Pro (Joomla). Enhances your web sites usability by giving your academic and corpora

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