Ubuntu Bionic: Netplan

Ubuntu Bionic: Netplan

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NetplanFor this weeks Bionic test blitz I am looking at Netplan! Netplan enables easily configuring networking on a syst


For this week’s Bionic test blitz I am looking at Netplan! Netplan enables easily configuring networking on a system via YAML files. Netplan processes the YAML and generates the required configurations for either NetworkManager or systemd-network the system’s renderer.

Netplan replaced ifupdown as the default configuration utility starting with Ubuntu 17.10 Artful.


Initial Setup in Bionic

When you install Bionic or use a cloud image of Bionic a file will appear in /etc/netplan depending on the renderer in use. Here is a breakdown of the various types:

Install Type
Server ISO
Cloud Image
Desktop ISO

Do note that configuration files can exist in three different locations with the precidence from most important to least as follows:

  • /run/netplan/*.yaml

  • /etc/netplan/*.yaml

  • /lib/netplan/*.yaml

Alphabetically later files, no matter what directory they are in, will amend keys if the key does not already exist and override previous keys if they do.


The best method for demonstrating what netplan can do is by showing some examples. Keep in mind that these are very simple examples that do not demonstrate complex situations that netplan can handle.

Static and DHCP Addressing

The following configures four devices:

  • enp3s0 setup with IPv4 DHCP

  • enp4s0 setup with IPv4 static with custom MTU

  • IPv6 static tied to a specific MAC address

  • IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP with jumbo frames tied to a specific MAC address

dhcp4: true
mtu: 1480
- fe80::a00:10a/120
gateway6: fe80::a00:101
macaddress: 52:54:00:12:34:06
dhcp4: true
dhcp6: true
macaddress: 52:54:00:12:34:07
mtu: 9000


Bonding can easily be configured with the required interfaces list and by specifying the mode. The mode can be any of the valid types: balance-rr, active-backup, balance-xor, broadcast, 802.3ad, balance-tlb, balance-alb. See the bonding wiki page for more details.

dhcp4: yes
- enp3s0
- enp4s0
mode: active-backup
primary: enp3s0


Here is a very simple example of a bridge using DHCP:

dhcp4: yes
- enp3s0

Additional parameters can be passed in to turn off STP for example or set priorities.


Similarly, vlans only require a name as the key and then an id and link to use for the vlan:

id: 101
link: net1
id: 102
link: net2
id: 103
link: net3
id: 104
link: net4

Issues Hit

While my configurations were not overly complex and only touched the surface of what netplan and networking can do I ran across a few issues and made a recommendation:

First, either the top level global routes are not supported (LP: #1720418) or the documentation is not correct (LP: #1726695). The README shows routes as a high-level key, but they are currently only supported at the interface level.

Second, there are numerous articles, examples, guides, and use-cases where an interfaces file is modified to include pre-up, pre-down, post-up, or post-down commands. Netplan does not currently have support for this (LP: #1664818). Here is a snip from the readme: “While the netplan configuration does not include support for hook scripts, you can add systemd unit jobs with the appropriate Requires: and After: fields to run arbitrary commands once the network is up.” I could only find one example of creating a systemd unit job to meet this need.

When attempting to use the ifupdown-migrate command I found it was unable to understand any static set interfaces (LP: #1709668).

Next, there is invalid YAML in docs (LP: #1735317). In YAML the colon ‘:’ is a reserved charachter and when the in-line array syntax can cause errors. For example:

# Correct, valid YAML
- 2001:1::1/64
# Invalid YAML
test: [2001:1::1/64]

If you must use the in-line array then put quotes around your strings containing special character like the colon. Also I suggest using a YAML syntax validator or linter to check your configuration files.

Finally, I requested a dry run or config test option (LP: #1735318). After trying to write numerous configurations to try different settings I got frustrated needing to move the configurations to a different system or in a container to test them without touching my local system.

Next Steps

I was left with an overall very positive impression of netplan. Having the ability to write YAML configuration files and not have to worry about how the actual configuration was generated or what commands need to be used depending on the backend simplifies the process. I would like to continue to attempt some more complex configurations that I can find as well as attempt additional test cases with the ifupdown-migrate subcommand.

Links & Refrences
  • Netplan Wiki

  • Netplan README

  • Netplan Source Code

  • Netplan Design Doc

  • Netplan Bugs

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