Swipy by errnio (Joomla)

Swipy by errnio (Joomla)

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Joomla extension Swipy by errnio (Joomla). Swipy by errnio adds a new engagement layer to your mobile site with a simple addition of a swipe left gallery of your a

Swipy by errnio adds a new engagement layer to your mobile site with a simple addition of a swipe left gallery of your articles. The swipe gallery is hidden from view until your users swipe left on their mobile screen. This tool enhances user experience, engaging your visitors with your content on mobile. errnio can increase your pages per visit, time spent on site, and improve your over site engagement on mobile. Our plugin automatically scans all articles read on your site, and offers users an intuitive gallery of your popular, top, contextual articles.

No additional integration is required, and with a simple Joomla Extension we have all we need to make your users more engagement on your site, with a great mobile user experience of your content. In addition, without adding ads or banners, errnio can enhance your revenue. Make more money from your site with no more banners or ads. No more pushy advertising, be part of the revolution. On our swipy plugin we can integrate recommended content from around the web, to enhance your site revenue. See more about our features and how our product works at errnio.com

Swipy main features include enhancement of the following items gesture actions:
- Automatic Content Recommendation - Our plugin automatically scans and indexes your content so that it can be served to your swipe gallery for every users swipe action. Note that it may take a few hours for this to be fully indexed, depending on the amount of articles and traffic to your site.
- Swipe Left Hint Arrow - Hints in the form of an arrow on the right side of the screen are displayed once entering and scrolling the site content. This will help your users engage better with the swipe gallery.
- Easy Reading Gallery - Once activated, the gallery is easily scrollable left to right, and displays 3-5 articles at any given time.
- Social Action Buttons - Each article card in the gallery also include social share buttons for user convenience.
- Content Monetization - Your gallery of articles can also include recommendations from around the web. To be eligible for this revenue program please register with us.

We also feature monetization options for selected publisher sites, with the following features:
- Web Search - a web search box is added to the top of the screen. An additional layer of content and recommended actions is added, labeled "top hits". This serves users with promoted actions and content helping you as a site owner looking to make profit from advertising, to earn revenue off exiting traffic in a seamless and unobtrusive way with no banners or ads.
- Text Selection - enhanced with a simple addition of promoted actions like search, share or related content. Much like our search offers, these promoted actions enable you as a site owner to add incremental revenue to the site with no banners or ads.
- Bottom bar - An additional bottom bar is displayed to your site, providing options of browsing related content, sharing, quick links to popular exit sites, and a new tab to continue browsing with no ads.
To be eligible for our revenue program please make sure register with us.

How it Works
The errnio plugin reaches out to errnio servers and includes the errnio gesture recognition code. The gesture recognition code taps into your visitor gestures, performed on your site, and analyses which errnio engagement action or monetization unit will work effectively. errnio works with various 3rd party advertisers by connecting the right offers to the right gesture in the right context in and the right time - ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY within the errnio gesture functions. We never inject ads into your site! Using the unique errnio plugin maximizes your full engagement and monetization potential on mobile web with no banners or taking any more of your site real-estate. Swipy senses finger gesture actions users perform, and offers up your content gallery upon a certain swipe left command.

- Improve engagement metrics of your mobile site such as Time Spent, Pages per Session, or Bounce Rate.
- Reach "Best of Brand" user experience levels and bring your site to par with the best sites out there.
- Create a new monetization stream with non-intrusive, intent-driven promotions and offers.
- Customize your selection of features to fit your site requirements.
- Gain useful insights using our analytics for gestures (coming soon)
- Works on all leading mobile platforms, browsers and devices.

Make sure to sign up to our service to gain access to:
- Troubleshooting and support
- Revenue reporting and accounts management
- Customisation options

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