Parallax Slider for AdsManager (Joomla)

Parallax Slider for AdsManager (Joomla)

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Je dostupné nové rozšírenie pre redakčný systém Joomla pod názvom Parallax Slider for AdsManager (Joomla). ParallaxAds Slider is a powerful module for AdsManage

ParallaxAds Slider is a powerful module for AdsManager. You can draw the attention of your visitors and display your ads in a dynamic Parallax Slider where they are displayed in a fashion manner with a modern animation effect.

ParallaxAds Slider is ready to go out of the box, and you can always adapt it according to you needs thanks to the various available options, all of them can be easily set in backend of Joomla.

It’s time to bring your classified ads website to life! It will animate your website and please the user with a bit more motion while navigate the ads.

★ Modern Slider with Parallax animation effect
★ Control the source and the order of the ads.
★ Autoplay
★ “hot” and “new” badges

Module Settings:
★ Customize the order of the displayed ads (latest, popular and random)
★ Change the theme color
★ Change the pattern background image
★ Show category tag
★ Mange the display options (price, badges…)

★ Joomla 2.5.x
★ Joomla 3.x
★ AdsManager 2.7.x
★ AdsManager 2.8.x
★ AdsManager 2.9.x

Zdroj: Joomla Rozšírenia

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