hotoMeta (Joomla)

hotoMeta (Joomla)

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Joomla extension hotoMeta (Joomla). Content - hotoMetahotoMeta Is a plugin to enable article custom fields to be used as meta content. You can use the benef

Content - hotoMeta

hotoMeta Is a plugin to enable article custom fields to be used as meta content. You can use the benefits of the custom fields to define your own tags and assign them to articles, default values for meta tags and assigning different tags to different article categories. There is no limit fo what meta tags to define, you can even create your own types.

Note: Currently the plugin only supports "Text" and "Text Area" custom fields for meta tags.


  • Download the installation zip file from here (above link) or from the JED.

  • In the Joomla backend select Extensions -> Manage -> Install -> Upload Package File.

  • Browse for the installation zip file and select it for installation.


To enable hotoMeta goto Extensions ->Plugins, find "Content - hotoMeta" and enable the plugin.

To change the Field Group that hotMeta will look for, edit the hotoMeta plugin, and change the title of the field group you assign meta fields to, also the name of the tab in content edit view to the desired label.


  • Define a field group called "hotoMeta"

  • Create fields (of text type) and assign them to the field group. The Title will be the property value of the meta tag output. Example: for open graph title the field title then should be "og:title". If you want the meta tag to have a default value. You can define the value in the field "Default Value".

  • Set "Automatic Display" to "Do Not Automatically Display" so the meta field is not shown along the article content.
  • For open graph fields see


    1.1.0 - Added support for custom field type "Text Area". Bug fix: quotation marks error in output fixed.
    1.0.1 - Spell correction in the language files.
    1.0.0 - Initial release.

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