GDPR (Joomla)

GDPR (Joomla)

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Joomla extension GDPR (Joomla). GDPR is the essential tool to make your website compliant with the EU GDPR law, as of the deadline fixed on May 25, 2018

GDPR is the essential tool to make your website compliant with the EU GDPR law, as of the deadline fixed on May 25, 2018
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be fully enforceable in the European Union involving even countries outside the European Union that handle personal data of EU citizens. After the deadline of May 25, 2018 all organisations are expected to be compliant with EU GDPR.

This means that there are a new set of rules to consider when dealing with personal data of users. The GDPR component aims to extend the Joomla! core with a set of extra features, currently missing, in order to have Joomla! compliant with the EU GDPR law.

Main features of GDPR are:
•GDPR Cookie consent: the standard cookie banner is no longer enough for EU GDPR, now you need a more effective solution to really block cookies before the consent is given

Different strictness levels: it's possible to switch between different levels of strictness when dealing with cookies, even supporting geolocation to exclude visitors from countries that don't apply the EU GDPR law

Logs of user changes: whenever a change in a user profile occurs, for example if a user changes his personal data, all changes must be tracked and logged. GDPR supports even Joomla! custom fields and the core User Profile plugin. The logs report can be exported in CSV and Excel formats

Profile deletion: every user must be able to delete his own profile at any moment based on the 'Right to be forgotten' regulation. Moreover GDPR doesn't simply delete the user profile, but it can optionally delete all user generated contents, such as articles, contacts, blogs, etc

Profile export: every user must be able to export his own profile in a machine readable format, GDPR supports CSV and Excel

Privacy policy checkbox: every form on your website dealing with personal data must include a mandatory privacy policy checkbox to consent personal data handling. GDPR can integrate with all of them to show the privacy policy checkbox

Consent registry: you can generate and export the registry including consent details given by users that is essential if requested by the Data Protection Commissioner

Data breach notifications: in the case that a data breach occurs, you can mark violated profiles and quickly notify users sending them an informative email

Privacy policy link: you can include the link to your privacy policy page

Cookie policy link: you can include the link to your cookie policy page

Multilanguage support: contents can be translated into different languages using the standard Joomla! multilanguage strings

Advanced integration system: GDPR ships with preconfigured integrations with common extensions such as JomSocial, EasySocial, Virtuemart, etc moreover it can be configured to integrate with all extensions

Revokable consent: you can allow users to revoke their consent to the privacy policy

Retroactivity: you can force already registered users to explicitly accept the privacy policy on the first login

Exclusions system: you can choose to exclude certain user groups or certain components from the GDPR requirements

Product features:

-GDPR Cookie consent: really block cookies and the user session before the consent is given, even allowing revokable consent

-Delete/Export profile: allow users to delete or export in a machine readable format their profile at any time

-Data breach management: if a data breach occurs you can manage and notify violated users quickly within 72 hours

-Highly customizable: customize the theme, colors, contents and the integration with third party extensions

-Multilanguage: you can translate contents for the cookie toolbar, form controls and email using the Joomla! multilanguage

-Log user changes: log every change in a user profile, track old and new values and generate a CSV/Excel report

-Privacy policy: include the privacy policy checkbox in every form dealing with personal data

-Notifications: get notified when a user deletes his profile, notify users quickly if a problem occurs

-Permissions: take advantage of an advanced management of permissions and exclusions by user group

-Integrations: GDPR is able to integrate with every extension that generates a form thanks to advanced settings

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