Ajax Live Search for Virtuemart (Joomla)

Ajax Live Search for Virtuemart (Joomla)

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Joomla extension Ajax Live Search for Virtuemart (Joomla). Make your shop more attractive with ajax search results.Virtuemart Ajax Live Search is a simple, Lightweight & fully cus

Make your shop more attractive with ajax search results.

Virtuemart Ajax Live Search is a simple, Lightweight & fully customizable virtuemart ajax live search module with tons of options. It allows users to search products, categories and manufacturers in your shop/website, and shows the search results in real time.

Just enter a few letters and the products, categories and brands which best match your query will appear.

Search results can be displayed in a simple form (names of the products only) or in an extended form (includes photos, prices, descriptions and SKU ).

All Features:

  • Ajax empowered, simple and lightweight virtumart search module.

  • Search products, Categories and manufacturers.

  • Set minimum number of characters for search.

  • Set maximum number of results.

  • Search in product name, sku, category name, manufacturer name and titles.

  • Show title, price, SKU, description and thumbnails in search results.

  • Limit the title and descriptions.

  • Set custom size for thumbnail images.

  • Change Search and Close/Clear images from list of images.

  • Custom "No Image" for products, categories and brands.

  • Custom **google fonts **for result headers and contents.

  • Custom width or dynamic width for search results.

  • Scroll bar with custom color and size.

  • All Styles can be customized through backend options.

  • Maximizes user's search experience.

  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 2.x and Virtuemart 3.x.

  • SEO Friendly urls.

  • Compatible with all major browsers.

  • Easy to install, setup and use.

  • Instant and fast search results

  • Bug-free, Secured and fully checked module with easy to extend.

  • 75+ Options to customize.
  • Why this special from others:

  • Maximizes user's search experience

  • Results as you type: Instant and fast results

  • Save time: Reduces the time needed to go from a blank search box to results

  • Search smarter: Output relevant results.

  • Type less: Lowers the effort & give output faster for search queries

  • Scroll bar to give your customers a nice user experience
  • Support:

    In case of any query or support feel free to contact us at support@jeyamtemplates.com

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