Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.2 released

Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.2 released

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The Apache OpenMeetings project is pleased to announcethe release of Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.2.The release is available

The Apache OpenMeetings project is pleased to announce
the release of Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.2.
The release is available for download from
Apache OpenMeetings provides video conferencing, instant messaging, white board,
collaborative document editing and other groupware tools using API
functions of the Red5 Streaming Server for Remoting and Streaming.
Release 4.0.2, provides following improvements:
Security fixes in Chat and Admin
* Send on Enter/Ctrl+Enter
* Invited guest's name displayed as expected
* Turned OFF global chat is not displayed
* Link works as expected
* Smiles works as expected
* Hover removed from chat
* Download as PDF
* Download/screen-sharing application in IE
* No duplicated users
* Activities&Actions improved
* Number of users is displayed in the room
* Mathematical formulas on WB
Other fixes and improvements, 32 issues were fixed
Readme: https://github.com/apache/openmeetings/blob/4.0.2/README
Changelog: https://www.apache.org/dist/openmeetings/4.0.2/CHANGELOG
List of fixed issues:
For more information on Apache Openmeeting please visit project home
page: http://openmeetings.apache.org
Apache OpenMeetings Team

Zdroj: Apache

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